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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 4, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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right now, they have been here for about an hour, they unpacked and now are headed home. i did see frank gore as he was leaving the premises. the a adoring fans were cheering. he rolled down the passenger side window and was high fiving his adoring fans. we are live another team headquarters. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, and an active scene at team headquarters, and 49ers, obviously did not win the super bowl, but they took the top spot when it came to merchandise sales and they can thank this man, number seven, colin kaepernick. his jersey has been the best seller for the last several weeks. his jersey sales have increased about 350% in the past month. it's the top selling jersey in the country. we should note that kaepernick earns about $1 million a year. his contract expires in 2015. >> don't blame beyonce, super
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bowl officials are putting to rest that her halftime show caused the power outage super boem. her performance ran on generator power, not what was used for the superdome. an investigation is under way to determine the cause of the disruption. the problem appeared to happen in an area where the line from the local power company connects with the superdome's electrical system. the outage was a hit on social networks, generating over 230,000 tweets per minute. and even got its own twitter handle, superdome lights. the super bowl got a lot of tweets when it cams to the ads. we will show you which commercials were the most popular and if your favorite made the cut. well as we look toward the our past will soon be demolished, all those memories at candlestick, with the new 49ers stadium nearing completion
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in santa clare a. they are planning to demolish at the stick at the end of next season. an explosion will take the stadium down, because there's no point in it standing empty, candlestick, a huge part of our local history. great news for south bay travelers one of the nation's most popular airlines announced new flights leaving from the international airport. nbc has more on the news from virgin america. >> starting my 1st, virgin america airlines will offer four nonstop flights on lax from terminal a and this is where you will check in. they have been courting the airline, trying get it to land at the international airport. >> we are hopeful in the future
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as this airline gains traction here in the south bay that the airline will recognize there's more opportunity more flights to other cities. san jose international has tried to step out of the shadows of sfo and oakland and lure more passengers. the airport completed a major renovation in 2010 and added a new vip lounge and recently added a nonstop flight to tokyo, that flight is now on hold after the fell aviation administration grounded the dreamliner to investigate safety issues. still, will virgin america be packing more passengers to the nearly empty terminal? this traveler comes here several times a year. >> i think it's great, i love flying out of san jose, i fly out of san francisco a lot because of necessity. >> some of the passengers we talked to today hoped the added competition will save them money. >> it's great to have more
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options and not have to go to san francisco, helps fill up the air port and have more competitive flight prices. >> virgin america did not want to comment, but in a statement made it clear, they are hoping their features give them an edge. they have wifi and other tech forward ammenities, we think our new flights will be a perfect fit with the business travelers. the flights go on sale tomorrow morning starting at 10:00 a.m., but virgin america would not tell us what the price will be. reporting from sjc, nbc bay area news. well there's more violence in san jose, a teenager is dead and another in the hospital after being shot late last night. it happened after 9:00 in san jose, that is near story road. police say the teenagers were shot near a elementary school, they are trying to determine whether the sthooting was gang
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related. it's the fourth homicide of the year. it was a tough day for students to return to class. they returned to class for the first time after learning that a classmate was found dead in a popular park. we are live in fairfield with the latest on the investigation tonight. jody? >> fairfield police are not releasing much about the investigation. they have not released the girls' identity. but many know who she is. folks have been stopping by to drop off flowers and balloons, for those who knew the girl, her school mates and friends they are especially devastated. >> for me to experience these feelings at this age, it's just terrible. and like i should not be feeling this way. >> 12-year-old alyssa watkins said she is heart broken and scared. one of her closest friends, was
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found dead early friday morning at fairfield's allen wi the tt park. >> she was the sweetest girl ever, she'd just make everyone's day. she'd always be smiling no matter what she had going on in her life, she always just put on a smile and then make everyone smile too. >> police spent the day at the school interviews everyone who saw the teenager. >> there's nothing worse than homicide, there's nothing worse than the death of a young girl and we have a lot of resources on this in an effort to identify who did this. >> a family member of the teenager visited the make shift memorial today, dropping off purple and flowers the girl's favorite colors. the sign said loved ones need answers. >> you hate to think about it and hate that it happened, but
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you have to know. >> she does not want to know what she suffered just to have her rest in peace. >> i hope she is doing good in heaven. and just, you know, because she is in a better place now. >> we are back here live, where you can see a group of people is gathered here at the make shift memorial. alice watkins the little girl we interviewed said she saw her friend on thursday and gave her a hug in the hall way and she had she seemed up is set and did not know why. the police interviewed her and other classmates. the scoot district meanwhile provided counselorers to help the children deal with the loss. reporting live in fairfield, nbc bay area news. a 5-year-old alabama boy is safe tonight after police stormed the bunker where his kidnapper was holding him hostage. police are releasing few details, only that the boy was rescued and the man who took him is dead.
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investigators say that negotiations with him broke down and when they saw him with a gun today they feared for the boy. this was day seven of the standoff. last tuesday, dykes boarded the school bus and fatally shot the driver. he randomly grabbed the child and took him to a under ground bunker. we will have more on the story coming up. still to come at 5:00, underground no more. the possible illegal business uncovered right next to a south bay daycare. >> and facing the music, a giants star learned his fate after a highly public run in with the police at the los angeles airport. >> which commercial did we watch more than any other? that coming up. and good afternoon, on this monday, i'm jeff in the nbc bayier weather center. we are tracking cloud koufr, and we will have details when the rain returns in the full seven-day forecast.
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>> half a million dollars in pot up in smoke, and it played out next to a daycare facility. a fire exposed a marijuana growing operation in the south bay. three to 400 pot plants was seized after the home went up in flames around 11:45 last night. police blame faulty wiring used to power the lights and grow the plants. >> my wife bought this in 1980, so we have been here a long time, and it's a real stable neighborhood. and not much traffic. not much activity along the street. >> do you know anything about the people who live in the home? >> no, i don't. >> police are still looking for the home owner or the person who was renting the home until they figure that out, they are treating it as an illegal grow.
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>> government records show that run away tour bus crashed near los angeles yesterday, had 22 safety violations over the past year. including problems with the brakes. as the bus c a areened down a mountain road, the driver told passengers to call 911 but no one had cell service in the area. the driver survived but seven were killed and others critically injured. the bus was carrying a group great tijuana and was returning from a visit to big bear lake. >> obama is calling for universal background checks, and limits to high capacity magazines. >> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. >> the president picked minneapolis for his news conference today, once dubbed murder opolis, because they were credited with bringing their crime rate to a 30 year low.
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>> as the saying goes, i have big heels to fill. >> after 28 years in the senate, john kerry arrived this morning at his new job at the u.s. state department. he received a warm and supportive welcome, he was quick to thank hillary clinton. he hit the ground running, speaking with leaders in the middle east, asia and mexico over the weekend. he is the 68th secretary of state but the first male secretary of state since 2005. >> sergio romo will not face charges. he was upset with tsa agents after failing to provide proper i.d. at a security check point. the charges carry the possibility of six months in jail and a thousand dollar fine, today, an aide at the clark county da's office said a screening panel decided to drop
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the case. romo and the rest of the giants pitchers and catchers report to spring train engine eight days. it's a sign of the times in premo fremont and that sign is coming down. a deal closed on friday. solyndra went out of busy, you may recall, disreceiving a half a billion in federal loans that set off a political fire storm. seagate got the building at a rock bottom price of $90,000, and the facility cost $300 million to build. back to the super bowl, a record number of people watch today big game yesterday that means a record number watched the commercials. >> and the power outage. but which ad did we all rewatch the most? let's bring in scott budman that knows the company that knows. budweiser was good, and go daddy, i don't know. >> we will talk about the ads
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and the most tivoed play was done by the ravens. per tradition, the most popular were the ones with the most humor. this taco bell ad was the most watched ad, let's go to the top five. see if your favorite is on here. taco bell, the doritos goat tore sale. and hyundai, and doritos again, with the daddy dressing up and the go daddy sot. the top ten ads came in the first half. and a new record set for social media messages flying back and forth during the super bowl. >> watching tv has always been social, back in the day, when people gathered around the tube and then the water cooler and now that effect is moving to the digital landscape, so people are
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having that water cooler moment on their devices. >> the other big spike came yesterday, not surprisingly from beyonce and the halftime show. other than that, the 49ers play of the game was tivo'ed over and over. but between the dvr and the second screen, a lot of technology at play during the game itself. there you go, it was the taco bell. >> so beyonce did not cause the power outage. >> no, she did not, she will be coming to san jose in a few months. >> jeff, what do you think? >> hey, i will be there. forget the 49ers and baltimore, i was rooting for janell and her predictions. let's get a look here, the fog that we had today was very thick up to the north bay, and the immediate coast line, but that is fading over the next couple of hours. it was good enough to scour out the fog just for a little bit
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this afternoon. but, probable what a lot of you want is not the fog for this time of the year but rain back here on the radar and it is just not happening. at least as we go lew the next 24 hours. look at this, san jose, november and december starting off strong with 6.83 inches. and then only nine days with rain in january, that sounds good, but only .69 inches of rainfall. and so there's hope to get rain as we head throughout the month. let's go outside the live hd sky camera network on monday. and here is something that looks fantastic. tonight, we have haze and high level cloud cover and then we will take you up to the north and look at this, as the sunsets, an orange array of colors. if that does not say san francisco giants i don't know what does. back toward the coast.
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right now on the weather boards we have an area of low pressure spinning out in the pacific and also associated cold front moving along with it, this will be pushing off to the north in seattle. for us, we will not get rainfall out of this in the next two days but most importantly what it will do is take that jet stream and push it down around california, that will set in a foggy and cooler pattern for us as we head throughout tuesday and wednesday's forecast. so most notably at the coast line, lower 50s for you and then for the interior valleys, upper 50s for tomorrow. definitely cooler weather as we head throughout tuesday and also wednesday. >> for tomorrow morning, fog up into the north bay, east bay, south bay and as we head throughout the day, we will get sunshine in here by two, three, and 4:00, so it will not be a totally cloudy day, you will have to wait a bit before we get the sun in here for the afternoon. as far as tomorrow goes. 36 in santa rosa and 37 in nap pa.
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and 34 in los gatos. and upper 50s in the south bay. and 57 in palo alto. and from mid 60s back in the east bay today, it was you a smrks a nice start to the monday, temperatures going to the mid to upper 50s tomorrow. there's a bit of cooling where the cloud starts off. we stay dry for tuesday and wednesday. then by thursday, we will get? larger changes in here for the chance here of rainfall, and that is also going to continue as we head throughout friday's forecast as well. not a large storm system, but it looks like the best possibility of rain in the forecast will be on thursday at the point. you guys. >> we do need rain. we do. >> thank you. >> still ahead at 5:00, a king and a parking lot, how a ancient mystery is solved. >> and why it's never to late to hit the gym to keep your mind sharp.
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wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, >> we are going back in history,
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a royal mystery was solved today in england. reefr researchers prove that the bones were king henry. his spine shows a curveature, and his arm was normal. richard was the last british monarch to die in battle, killed by a sword to the skull. he got no royal burial, he was ordered stripped naked to prove he was dead and that is how he was tossed in the ground without a shrous or casket. >> new information out suggesting that the baby boomer generation is not healthier than those that came before. a study compared baby boomers and those from the previous generation, they found boomers
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exercise less and fewer report better health. however they were less likely to smoke and had lower rates of heart attack. they are projected to live longer than their peers but have a higher rate of chronic disease and disablity. >> starting an exercise routine can lower your chance for mental diseases. they tracked reports of dimensia or other mental problems when they were possible for medicare. those that were fit in life were less likely to be sdidiagnosed h such a problem. we are back in a moment.
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>> okay we have rain on the way possibly. on that seven-day forecast forecast, a chance of showers and into friday, and for tomorrow, it will be cool for us. >> thank you, jeff, thanks for watching here at 5:00, we hope to see you for more local news at 6:00. >> see you then.
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on the broadcast tonight, there's been a dramatic rescue in the hostage crisis in alabama. a 5-year-old boy kidnapped and held underground for days is finally free tonight. we'll go live to the scene. the blame game under way this evening in new orleans with 1 billion people watching around the globe. who or what turned out the lights at the super bowl?
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she's a survivor. they tried to kill her for speaking out on the rights of young women. tonight, for the first time, we hear from the brave teenager who has inspired so many. and the amazing discovery in the parking lot in great britain and a twist right out of shakespeare. they have found king richard iii, and an ancient mystery has finally been solved. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. an awful drama has now come to an end tonight in the state of alabama. for the past seven days, a grown man has held a 5-year-old boy in a bunker he built underground. it started when he stormed a local school bus and killed the driver. that started a long standoff, a delicate negotiation with this deeply troubled man who is now dead. late today, when the fbi became troubled by his temperament, that's when they decided to storm the bunker and save the


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